Intelligent Positive Input Ventilation


Intelligent Positive Input Ventilation

Have you ever heard of intelligent positive input ventilation systems (or IPIV systems for short)? These systems are designed to be used in houses, be they bought or rented out, in order to ensure that those who live in the property have a healthy living environment with plenty of beautiful fresh air to breathe.


Not only do PIV systems help to bring filtered and fresh air into the property at a continuous rate. Butt they also have a number of other uses and benefits too.


Want to know more? Here is what you need to know about PIV systems and what they can do for you.


Why would a PIV system be installed?


The main reason that a PIV system is going to be installed into a property is to reduce the condensation that develops within the property over the course of everyday life. This then in turn, will reduce the likelihood of mould growth and also take steps towards reducing the dust mite population too. Both of these things will help to ensure that the air quality within the property is the best that it can be. ProDryUK can supply and install.


The need for this has increased over the past few years, and it is all down to more pressure being placed on creating draught free and well-insulated homes. Whilst homes are now much warmer, this has lead to a reduction in the air quality within the properties, which in turn can have an impact on issues such as asthma as well as increasing the chances of developing mould within the property too.


Intelligent Positive Input Ventilation


Where are they installed and what do they run on?


Where exactly do these PIV units need to be installed? There are two main types of units that can be installed within a property. The first is loft-mounted. Which, as the name suggests will be placed in the roof space within the property. These units will introduce a subtle level of filtered air whilst also removing the stale and moist air that has built up throughout the property.

You could also see a wall mounted unit, which will be used in properties that do not have a loft space (most often flats). These units will take the air that is filtered through from outside and then supply it to another chosen space within the property.


A common question that many people have about these IPIV systems is exactly where they are going to be installed within a property and how much energy they actually need to work.  The truth is that these systems will often only use around 1p each and every day to work. Which, is much less than many people anticipate them needing. This is particularly true for loft mounted units, which will use low energy in order to run.


How long do they last?


If you do choose a loft-mounted unit for your property then you will receive a 5 year guarantee that the filter will require no maintenance. After this point is recommended that they are checked to ensure that they are working properly.


If you do choose a wall unit, then the filter within this particular system will need to be cleaned annually.


As you can see, these ventilation systems are definitely an investment for any property. Not only do they ensure that those that live there are happy (key if the property is rented) but it also should be seen as a long term investment to ensure that the property stands strong for some time to come too.


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