Dry Rot

Dry rot can cause serious damage to the structural timbers within your property. Once dry rot is recognised appropriate action must be taken, ignoring the issue will result in costly repairs and further damage to your property.

Dry Rot is a fungus which benefits from wood, expelling the quality from the timber which breaks and deteriorates. It develops fundamentally, with the primary indications of a disguised parasitic episode being a fine ruddy dark coloured dust (spores of the growth) on surfaces inside the property, now and again joined by a ‘mushroom’ smell. Cracks within the structure is another sign of Dry Rot.

When recognised, the Dry Rot flare-up will require treatment including replacement of rotted timbers and treatment of new and existing timbers. The elimination of the underlying dampness is fundamental. There are different kinds of Wet Rot organisms which are not as ruinous as Dry Rot, anyway powerful destruction is still required.

We can treat all types of Dry Rot and Wet Rot together with the different types of wood exhausting bug pervasion. Our expert and experienced team members can guarantee that you will have the right arrangement and a dependable, positive result.


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