Damp or mould inside properties is one of the most common upkeep issues that affect building structures. Damp and condensation are the main causes of this widespread issue and cause serious damage.


Rising damp is brought about by non-attendance or breakdown of the damp proof course to the base of the walls. It brings groundwater salts into the wall structure resulting in costly damage. The best cure is to add a new chemical damp proof course with re-plastering.

Penetrating damp is normally brought about by water entering the wall structure because of outside imperfections. There are various reasons and ways that dampness can enter the structure of buildings, including leaks which must be fixed as soon as possible.

Condensation is the primary driver of dampness in the UK and is caused by excessive humidity.

As well as causing issues for your property, damp and mould can also have serious effects on your health. People who have untreated damp or mould in their home are more likely to acquire respiratory issues/infections, a weakened immune system, asthma or allergies.

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