Condensation is one of the biggest causes of damp issues as it increases humidity within the property. Build up is the greatest reason for moistness in the UK and is because of over the top mugginess inside the property. At the point when air ends up over-immersed with moisture, it consolidates on to cold surfaces inside the property, for example, windows, floors and internal/external walls.

If condensation becomes a repeated issue then mould will start to grow. Double glazing windows will not always prevent condensation from happening. Constant buildup inside a property enables mould to develop on the walls, roof and floor surfaces, and can even affect garments and shoes inside closets and pantries. A musty odour will become apparent.

Humidity can be decreased by improving ventilation, for example, introducing an effective electric extractor fan or an electric dehumidifier. Mould development should be successfully cleaned.

It is fundamental that any mould buildup issues are accurately recognised by a trained surveyor.

We can guarantee installation for 10 years and the manufacturer guarantees equipment for 1 year.

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So pleased with the work that Dry Pro UK completed for me! The room looks as good as new. The space was a complete disaster, making me so miserable. Having our room restored was a delight but even better that they were on hand to assist me with redecorating the space. Totally stress free and I’m very happy with the result.

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