Cellar Conversions

We handle all of the elements involved with a cellar or basement conversion, this includes all of the design, planning, construction and completion. We even take the time to decorate – restoring your house back into a home.

Victorian storage areas are normally damp, but they can be revamped and put to other uses. Some of our former clients have had these rooms developed into other living spaces, such as a toilet for example.

Head stature is expanded to at least 2.4m by auxiliary supporting to the walls of the space. Waterproofing is accomplished by having a layered framework added to the walls, floor and roof together with both double ground and foul water evacuation pumps.

Tanking with waterproof render can likewise be a possibility for less wet basements or for dry zones.

Approval of this work is typically carried out from the outset and is granted by the council. Having the actions approved is helpful when you come to sell the property as without it the purchaser can invalidate if the change was not carried out legitimately.

In the event that a lightwell is required for common light, ventilation or an exit is needed then authorisation will be required.

We manage all aspects of the projects for our customers, this includes gaining permissions etc.

We can guarantee installation for 10 years and materials for 30 years.

If you require this service then please give us a call or use our contact form. We are always happy to help!

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Dry Pro UK’s joinery skills are second to none! I was so devastated to see my bedroom furniture infested with woodworm. I was amazed to see my furniture replicated and repaired – I was not looking forward to spending out on all new furniture!

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